The Team

Firstly, particular and immense gratitude is extended to Mr. Ken Bowe for allowing the excavation to take place. Granting unfettered access to his farm, sacrificing many acre/years of production and assisting us in every way possible, Ken has done so with encouragement as well as steadfast toleration.

Secondly, gratitude is extended to the landowner, Castle Ashby Estates and the Lord Spencer, the Marquis of Northampton, for granting permission to excavate and for donating a building and funds for the site museum, to be opened subsequent to the publication of a full excavation report.

A major archaeological endeavour of this kind, stretching over 10 years and carried out without any public funding whatsoever, can only be realised with the generous support and assistance of interested parties. We have been fortunate to have been granted sponsorship and assistance by numerous companies, associations, institutions and individuals, who have donated finance, materials, expertise and advice. We are particularly indebted to the following, whose generosity and valuable support made such a positive contribution to our fieldwork in particular, and our archaeological work in general.



De longhi
Sign Solutions
The Woodland Hospital Trust
St Matthews Hospital
Tim's Taxis
York Photos
J Rowlatt & Sons Ltd.
Castle Ashby Estates
Scott Bader
Expamet Building Products
Paul Drage Carpentry
Higgins Ltd.
Electrosite Ltd.
Hilton Timber Ltd.
Threadgold Landscapes
Edgar Corby
Margaret Taylor
Mary Steele
Griffis Consulting

The Home Team

Mr. Derrick Betts Mr. Arnold Dobbs Mr. Peter Drage
Mr. David Hall Ms. Gail Holloway Mr. David Mallows
Mrs. Elizabeth Mallows Mrs. Rachel Mallows Mr. Brian Martin
Mr. David Stafferton Mrs. Violet Tebby Mr. Richard Thomas
Mr. Steve Wagstaff Mr. David Woodford  

Academic/Archaeological Associates

British Museum
Dr. Roger Bland
Dr. Ralph Jackson
Dr. Catherine Johns
Dr. Tim Potter

Dr. Philip Boocock

Dr. Erika Hagelberg
Dr. Catherine M. Hills
Mr. David Wilson

Institute of Archaeology
Dr. Martin Henig
Dr. Philip de Jersey

Dr. Tom Blagg

Dr. Neil Christie
Dr. Alan McWhirr
Dr. Graham Morgan

Dr. Roger Ling

Dr. Ian Riddler
Dr. Robin Symonds

Mr. Mark Curteis
Mrs. D.E. Friendship Taylor

Northants Archaeology

No Website

Mr. Brian Dix
Mr. Ian Meadows

Dr Mike Heywood

Council for
Independent Archaeology
Mike Rumbold
Andrew Selkirk

Mr. Roy Friendship-Taylor

Mrs. Vivien Swan RCHME

Mr. Bruce Batcock
Dr. Ernest Black
Mrs. Bronwen Davies
Mrs. Brenda Dickinson
Dr. Roger Goodburn
Mr. Dennis Jackson
Mr. Donald Mackreth
Dr. David Neal
Mr. Hedley Pengelly
Mr. Tony Rook
Mr. Chris Turner
Dr. Graham Webster
Woodfield Architectural & Archaeological Services

Archaeological Assistants


Rebecca Aldridge
Tania Alexander
Tim Allebone
Corinne Anderson
Daniel Antoine
Gary Arthur
Michael W. Austin

Barnabas Baggs
Simon Barsby
Tom Beston
Elaine Bevan
Victoria Bolderson
Robert Bowen
Melissa Bradley
Daphne Brakenhoff
Esther Brakenhoff
Annette Burkitt
Tim Burkitt
Cindy Byrne

Simon Carlyle-Lancaster
Stuart Chester
Eleanor Coghill
Emma Connell
Adam Cooper
Anne Cox
Ruth Cox

Patrick Daniel
Kevin Darke
Robert Davis
Susan Davis
Mark Dennis
Sue Drage
Simon Duff
Fergus Durrant
Andrew Dyson

David Eastwood
Henry Ellis

Marianne Fisher
Jane Forster

Janine Graham
Olivia Gresham-Cooke
Katherine Griffis
Rachel Grove

Mark Harrison
Martyn Harrison
Nicola Harrison
Richard Hayman-Joyce
David Head
Richie Holden
Claire Hollingsworth
Miles Huckle
Jodie Humphreys & Nigel
Greg Hunt

Sarah Jackson
Robin Jeffcoat
Angelina Jenkins
Elaine Johnson
Martin Johnson
Tessa Johnson

Simon Kemp
Gail Kennedy-Fagin
Jane Kenny
Alison Kentuck
Brian Kerr
Rachel Kerr
Nerys Kirwan
Wouter Kleiman
John Knight

Hugo Lamdin-Whymark
Martien Lathouwers
Nathalie Leblond
Anne-Elyse Leblanc
Gerard Le Jan
Emma Lelliott
Karine Leteneur
James Lewis
Michael Lewis
Judith Line
John Lingford
James Lizius
Robert Lowe

Stephen McDonald
Ryszard Malinsky
Milica Markovic
Charlotte Matthews
Judy Meade
Chris Meadows
Rookje Meijerink
Manuel Mortari

Caroline Norton

Simon Orchard
James Ormston

Mark Parisi
Jan Parker
Matthew Parker
Lauren Pearce
Ken Pickering
Ashley Pooley
Laura Preston
Max Priban
Andrew Puleston

Joan Richards
Michelle Richards
Fanny Rigaut
Rebecca Roberts
Alison Robinson
Toby Roe
Grace Rollason
Sion Roper
Jenny Rowley
Marion Rowley

Derek Shears
Tony Simpson
Tom Skewis
Warren Slater
Jeremy Slatter
Corine Slim
Thomas Small
Samantha Smith
Sarah Smith
Isabelle Sterboul
Andrew Stone
Penny Stow
Jonathan Stow
Susan Suttle

Brian & Pat Taylor
Heidi Tillin
Sarah Tongue
Riza Tuncel

Vanessa Ursell
Lisa Usman

Marieke Van Der Meer
Heidi Van Impe

Angela Wesley
Pamela Whyte
Susan Whyte
Sarah Williams
Katheryn Wyche

Elodie Xavier