Potters Stamps

SVOB[NI.M] on form 33, possibly Die 2a. Suobnus of Les Martres de Veyre. Attested on form 31 at Park Street, Towcester. c. A.D. 130-155

Rosette Stamp on the base of a form 37 bowl. Potter as yet unidentified.

CINTUSM[ on form 18/31.  Probably a stamp of Cintusmus i of Lezoux. If so, it is one of his later stamps, attested at South Shields and Pudding Pan Rock on Dr. Form 31R and Walters 79. 160-180 A.D.

ATILIAN[VS] on form 33. Atilianus of Lezoux, who is attested on form 33, Walters 79R and 80. 160-200A.D.

MARC[ on form 31, burnt, Central Gaulish. The stamp is not known to the present writer, but the style of the lettering suggests the work of the late-Antonine Lezoux potter, Marcus v, and the unusually high basal kick is consistent with such a date. Probably later than 160A.D.

[CLIIM]IINZ on form 31R (heavily burnt): Clemens iii of Lezoux, Die 3b. This is from a die which was made, by surmoulage, from an impression of a stamp on a pot: another example of it is known from the Housesteads fort and one from the original die occurs at Chesters. The form of this dish is enough in itself to give a mid to late-Antonine date and the style of Clemens III's decorated ware and his use of plain forms such as Dr.79 and Ludowici Tg suggest a range c. A.D. 160-190.

[OFC] ALVI on form 27g: Calvus i of La Grafesenque, Die 5cc. Calvus i probably started work at the very end of the Neronian period, but this seems to be one of his later stamps, since it is attested at Holt and the main site at Corbridge. However, its occurrence on form 29 should mean that the die was in use before c. A.D. 85, at the latest. c. A.D. 80-95.

]OFFIC The officina stamp of an as yet unidentified potter.

Mortarium stamp of ALBINU, a maker of mortaria from Verulamium around 90AD.

DAGODVBNVSF (retrograde B) on a small Dr. Form 33 cup: Dagodubnus ii of Rheinzabern, Die 1a. Dagodubnus worked at the Eastern Gaulish production centre of Rheinzabern. The fabric here is typical of Eastern Gaulish samian ware. The stamp is attested at Park Street, Towcester, also on form 33. c. A.D. 150-200
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