The Libertus Vessel 

Following the unexpected publication by others of a report on a decorated dark samian vessel from my excavations, it has become necessary to publish this edited abstract from the full excavation report, “The Romano-British Villa at Easton Maudit” (forthcoming). 


Had the customary courtesies been observed, the excavators would have been delighted to permit the author access not only to the vessel sherds which were found subsequent to the examination upon which his incomplete report is based, but also to an adequate up to date drawing and the results of our own research. 

The Context - The Vessel - Decorative Scheme - Bibliography & Credits

My hope is that this present report will serve, in the interim, to furnish addenda and corrigenda to the material published in “Form and Fabric”, Oxbow Monograph 80. 

Marc Line  B.H.A.S. 
Director of Archaeology and Site Director