Human Burial Number 3

Gender:            Male

Age:                 25-45

Stature:            1.70m

Preservation:    Good

Grave orientation:
East - West, with the feet to the East.  Skeleton was extended.

Cranial traits:
Parietal and frontal foramina

Post-cranial traits:
Poirier's facet.  Exostoses in trochanteric fossa.

Dental Pathology:
Small carious lesion on the buccal surface of the right third molar.  Slight periodontal disease and slight to moderate dental calculus.  Slight hypoplastic lines noted on left mandibular incisors.

Spinal Joint Disease:
Presence of vertebral osteophytes on the lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, specifically: (superior) T10, T11, T12, L3, L4, L5; (inferior) T11, T12.  Schmorl's nodes were noted on the inferior vertebral bodies of the 6th to 9th thoracic vertebrae and on the superior vertebral bodies of the 1st thoracic to 4th lumbar vertebrae.