A Sawn Triangular Tegula


The fragment of tegula shown above appears to be a modified triangular tegula as already seen. The stub flange has been removed completely, the only indication of it ever having been present being a noticeable variation in the colour of the fabric due to the differential firing of thicker material. Traces of a particularly gritty mortar remain in the scar left by the removal of the flange.

The 45 degree angle at the lower right of the picture is the result either of pre-kiln trimming or more likely, of mould geometry. The lower edge of the tile has been sawn and filed smooth post-firing. The marks of the saw are evident in the cut face and indicate a cutting angle of between 55 and 60 degrees from the horizonal, with the fragment shown being on the left of the blade if sawn from above.

Since the length of the tile was reduced deliberately, it is presumed that it formed part of either the top course or the bottom course of tegulae butting up to a hip roof.