Imbrices with Integral Antefix

Imbrex viewed from the antefix end

Numerous fragments of imbrices with integral antefixes were found, including two complete examples found together adjacent to the outside wall of the facade corridor, one of which is shown here.

The tiles are 320mm end to end and are made in a shell-tempered fabric 20mm thick. They are 145 mm wide externally and the height of the apex of their parabolic profile being 82mm above the base line.

Of particular note are fragments which indicate that some of these tiles may have been intended for use in a hip roof scheme. These have antefix ends which are formed with an included 45 degree angle like the triangular tegulae found in close proximity.

Note the fingerprints on the right-hand edge of the lower image. From the configuration, it is clear that the un-fired tile was carried with the closed end towards the body of the tile-maker.

Internal view